To edit notification settings, go to Settings > Notifications. 

Email notifications

You can set up which notifications you receive via email here.

In-app notifications

You can set up how the Notification Inbox behaves when you dismiss notifications.
Whether it:

  • advances to the newer notification

  • goes back to the older one

  • or stays on the current notification

Also, you can set up whether notifications will be displayed in full or compact mode. The Compact view will only display the Title of the notification and the person who made a change that caused the notification. 

The Non-compact view will display everything from the above, as well as the project name and a portion of the notification's written content. 

Comment notifications

What you receive in terms of notifications when people comment on stuff throughout Productive can be controlled with the following settings:

Notifications for changes

Same as for comments, you can set up exactly what you get notifications for here.

Make sure you tailor the entire experience around notifications to your liking, so that you only get the most relevant information at all times. This is also an effective way to prevent notification flooding. 

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