You can turn on a number of Addons that will expand your account with additional functionalities.
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🚨 As of April 20th, 2023, all Addons have been relocated to relevant cards in Settings
For more information on each of the add-ons, visit the help link to their respective articles.

💡 This article will be removed on May 20th, 2023.

  • Overhead cost now has its own card under the "Financials and invoicing" section:

    For more information on how Overhead works, click here

  • Email tracking on/off is now in Sales settings under the "Organization settings" section:

    • For more information on how Emails work, click here

  • Switching Invoicing on/off is now in Invoicing settings under the "Financials and invoicing section":

    • For more information on how to raise an invoice in Productive, click here

  • Time off approvals is now in Time off under the "Time and resource management" section:

    • For more information on how to approve time, click here

  • Expenses approvals is now in Expenses settings under the "Financials and invoicing section". It is a new settings card that contains Expense approvals and Default markup on expenses:

    • For more information on how to enter and approve expenses, click here.

  • Multiple subsidiaries no longer need to be turned on. Instead, to add a new subsidiary, head over to Company info under the "Financials and invoicing" section:

  • All time tracking add-ons are now in Time tracking under the "Time and resource management" section. Those include:

    • Time approval

    • Time on tasks

    • Time tracking estimate

    • Automatic time tracking

    • For more information on time tracking addons, click on Learn more in their description in the app.


Go to Settings > Addons. 

What's available?

Overhead cost

This is an advanced feature that's based on an algorithm that calculates the overhead cost per hour. The cost is calculated based on the number of people in your company and the fixed facility cost we will ask you to put in manually. 

Once activated you can find additional overhead settings in Settings > Overhead cost.

Email inbox

This will enable the Productive email inbox. You will also get a unique email address that you can add to BCC when emailing clients. 

Once activated, you will find the Emails within Contacts in the main navigation.


If you don't want to use Invoicing in Productive, you can simply turn it off here. Keep in mind that turning Invoicing off will remove a lot of useful functionality from your account such as:

  1. Automatic invoice creation based on budget status 

  2. Revenue recognition based on the invoice date 

  3. Tracking payments 

  4. All reporting revolving around Invoicing


Do you have offices in different countries or physical addresses? Need to invoice using these different addresses? Is your agency a group of smaller agencies? You should probably consider using the subsidiaries addon, which will allow you to invoice from multiple addresses.

Billable time approval

Turning this off will completely will remove any need to approve time in your account. If the feature is turned on, then your Project managers will need to approve billable time before any changes are reflected on budgets people log time against. 

Expenses Approval

Before an expense is added to a budget, it has to be approved first. Learn more here.

Time Off Approval

Time Off Approval allows you to allocate time-off entitlements to your teammates and for them to request time off from superiors. More on that here.

Time on tasks

In Productive, you log time against budgeted services. However, if clients want to see more granular timesheets, where each time entry is linked to a task within Project management, you can turn this on to give your people the ability to attach tasks to time entries. 

Time tracking estimate

This is a useful addon if you want your teammates to see how much time is left on a certain service when they log time. They won't see any financial information. Only the actual tracked time against the internal estimate. 

Automatic time tracking

Turning this on will be useful for companies who plan their people's time, but don't need them to submit timesheets too. The timesheets will be automatically created based on the scheduled time. 

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