Go to the Reports > Profitability. 

The report

The profitability report is one of the key reports in Productive. It shows your net profit in money and percentage (margin), among other useful information. The report aggregates all of your project data, including not only revenues, but also costs that people incur when tracking time (salaries and overheads). 

This report is real-time, so changes are visible instantly as soon as anything happens on a project. Its main use is to help you understand, without messing with spreadsheets, how your agency is performing profit-wise. 

By default, the profitability report will be grouped by Client. This gives you information about which clients are more profitable at a glance.

You can also change your Columns in the report. This is what you'll see by default (in the selected date range):

  • Worked time - actual worked time 

  • Billable time - out of the total Worked hours, how many hours were billable to the client

  • Invoiced revenue - revenue based on invoices you've created 

  • Cost - calculated by adding up non billable out of pocket expenses, people's cost rates and overhead costs that occur when people track time 

  • Invoiced profit - difference between Invoiced revenue and Cost expressed as money 

  • Invoiced margin - difference between Invoiced revenue and Cost expressed as a percentage

Building the report

You can build a report using various criteria: timeframe, client, project, project manager, budget type and tags.

You build the report using the toolbar at the top of the page. 

  • Columns - choose which columns you want to include in the report

  • Group by - you can group the report per client, date range, project, etc. 

  • Filters - use this to filter only data for, e.g. a specific project

As soon as you change anything a green Save button will appear. You can save your new report for later so that you can easily access it at any time. 

You can even export your report in multiple formats, by clicking on the button visible in the image below. 

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