To access the Time report, go to Reports > Time:

The report

The time report is one of the most important reports for an agency. 

The default time report in Productive is grouped by Person. Team members are on the left and the following columns are on the right:

  • Capacity - total expected work hours

  • Available - total expected work hours further reduced by time booked on vacations and sick leave (or other custom events)

  • Scheduled - total time scheduled on projects 

  • Worked - total worked time overall

  • Billable - total billable time (can be higher or lower than Worked time)

  • Billable utilization (Billable / Worked) - how billable a person is in percentage when comparing total worked time to billable time

Different utilization metrics

If you want to build a different time report you can use the blue toolbar at the top to customize what you see. 

  • Fields - choose which fields you want to include in the report

  • Group - you can group the report by the client, date range, project, etc. 

  • Filters - use this to filter only data for, e.g. a specific person

The time report also has a lot of different ratio Fields that you can include in the report.

As soon as you change anything a green Save button will appear. You can save your new report for later so that you can easily access it at any time.

You can even export your report in multiple formats by clicking on the export button:

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