When setting up a person with a role of a client, in addition to the company they belong to you can also allow them to have access to budgets and timesheets.

Here's how they see Productive and project screens with each of the options:

A client without access to budgets and timesheets

1. Dashboard

Clients will see tasks assigned to them and the activity feed showing what's going on with the projects they are assigned to. It's kind of like a news feed on Facebook - it shows who did what in a project in chronological order.

2. Tasks

This is the list of all the tasks that have been assigned to a client. The example below shows a single project with 2 boards and the associated tasks.

Clients can view the task details, add comments, close tasks and create new ones.

3. Boards

If your project is organized in boards, the client will be able to see all boards on that project:

4. Projects

This is the list of all the projects the client has been assigned to.

5. Project details

Once they select a project from the project list, clients will see all the tasks and task lists in that particular project.

They can create and close tasks, comment and change assignees, filter tasks, and switch views using the Layout menu.

However, they are not allowed to create new task lists or boards.

5. Notes

Clients can see project notes, add them and edit them.

6. Project members

Clients can see all the project members, but can't add or remove them.

6. Watch project

Clients can turn on notifications for projects they are members of.

7. Additional options

Clients can also:

  • Customize Fields (columns) they want to see in the task lists

  • Export tasks

  • Leave project

A client with access to budgets and timesheets

In addition to all of the options above, a client with access to budgets and timesheets will have these two menus available to them:

1. Budgets

A client will only all open budgets with the total price and time worked on that budget:

In the financials tab of a budget, a client will see services, as well as their quantity, price, and time worked.
Revenue, cost, estimates, and other profitability metrics are not visible to them:

2. Time

In the Time section, all Time Entries logged on that project will be displayed and visible to a client.
They can edit the information by grouping data, selecting the time interval, choosing which budget is shown, as well as the person and pricing type.

Additionally, they can also export the timesheet:

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