Once you add a client to a project, this is how it looks on their end.

1. Dashboard

Clients will see tasks assigned to them and activity feed showing what's going on with the projects they are assigned to. It's kind of like a news feed in Facebook - it shows who did what in a project in a chronological order.

2. Tasks

This is the list of all the tasks that have been assigned to a client. The example below shows 2 projects, with 1 task per each project. 

Clients can view the task details, add comments, close tasks and create new ones.

3. Boards
If your project is organized in multiple sprints and you're using Productive's "multiple boards add-on", the client will be able to see all boards on that project.

4. Projects

This is the list of all the projects the client has been assigned to.

5. Project details

Once they select a project from a list, clients will see all the tasks and task lists in this particular project. They can open tasks, close task, comment on tasks, assign tasks to someone, filter tasks, switch from a list view to board view or calendar view.

But, they are not allowed to create new task lists or boards.

5. Notes

Clients can see project notes, add them and edit them.

6. Project members

Clients can see all the project members, but can't add or remove them.

6. Watch project

Clients can turn on notifications for projects they are members of.

7. Export tasks and leave project

Clients can customize columns they want to see in the task lists, export tasks and remove themselves from a project.

8. Notifications

Clients get notifications for the activity in the projects they are members of.

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