A project is something you're working on for a client or internally. Typically a project is created automatically from the Sales pipeline by Winning a Deal, but you can also create a project manually.

Project types

There are two main types of projects: Client and Internal. Client projects are the ones you do for your clients (and that you'll eventually charge for), while Internal projects are the ones you do for yourself.

Project segments

A project has a couple of main parts, and we'll explain them briefly here:

(1) project members - people who do the work

(2) tasks - describe what needs to be done

(3) notes - a knowledge base for your project

(4) financials - tell you how much money a client is spending (and if he is profitable for you)

(5) time entries - see how many hours people spend on this project

(6) invoices - keep track of sent and paid invoices

(7) activity - this is like a news feed for you project. Everything that happened on the project is right there, sorted chronologically.

Since Internal projects don't have any revenue, they don't have the invoicing section available.

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