Profitability report shows how much money you've earned vs. how much money you spent so you can see how profitable you are.

Go to the Reports tab in the main navigation and select Profitability report.

Data in the header shows you:

  • Total revenue vs. profit percentage
  • Total worked hours vs. billable hours percentage

The report shows you:

  • how much time was spent
  • how much time was billable
  • what's the revenue
  • what are your costs
  • how much profit did you make
  • what's the margin


You can build a report using various criteria: timeframe, client, project, project manager, budget type and tags.

Select a time interval for which you want to get a report. If you leave everything else blank you'll get an overall report in the selected time frame for all clients, projects, project managers and budgets.

If you need more details, you can create a report only for a specific client,

or a project,

or a project manager.

The report can show open budgets, closed budgets or both.

If you have tagged your budgets, you can create a report based on those also.

When you set all the criteria, click on the green checkmark button to run the report.

Click on a column name to sort the data ascending or descending.

Group by

There are a number of options to group by the report. Go to the dropdown menu on the left and select on of of the options:

  • Budget
  • Client
  • Project
  • Project Manager
  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Month

The report will display the data based on the group by option you choose.


You can export a report to PDF, XLS and CSV. Click on the export button, choose a format and click on the Export option.

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