Cost rate report shows you cost rates and payroll costs across your company.

Go to the Reports tab in the main navigation and select Cost rate report from the dashboard.

The report shows you:

  • Cost rate type - monthly or hourly
  • Cost rate amount - cost rate for every person and a total amount for the selected date
  • Average cost per hour


Select a date from the calendar you want to get the data for.

Select between employees and contractors from the dropdown menu.

If you added tags to people, you can create a report based on those tags. This way you can get a report only for a specific group that share the same tag. For example, you're interested only in the payroll costs of the design team.

When you set all the criteria, click on the checkmark button to run the report.

Click on a column name to sort the data ascending or descending.


You can export a report to PDF, XLS and CSV. Click on the export button, choose a format and click on the Export option.

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